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Alzheimer's Stage-by-Stage Care Guides

Written by the experiences of caregivers and their loved ones

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1. Auflage, 2011

Alzheimer's disease is a growing epidemic despite continued research. Who among us does not have a relative or friend suffering from this mind-draining monster? Victims of Alzheimer's loose themselves before their death. Heartbreaking. Not just for them, but also for those who love them. Early-Mid Stage can be managed at home with use of in-home care and day facilities. Mid-Late Stage requires a caregiver team. No one person can provide adequate care without personal burnout. Late Stage usually requires moving the Alzheimer's sufferer from their home. A very gut-wrenching experience for all. Residential care provided within a residential home or a healthcare facility offers staff trained to manage the increasing physical, behavioral, and emotional changes that come with the advance of the disease. Severe and End-Stage can be devastating, or for many a relief. No one wants to see a loved one suffer, and drag on living with a disease with no known cure. End-Stage can be a beautiful experience. I recall sharing this time with my two sisters as we gathered in our mom's comfort care private room, showering her with our love and tender memories of the past. Although she could no longer communicate with words, she did show comprehension with smiles and squeezing of our hands while we gave her a loving bath, played her favorite music, and sang to her. We three stayed by her side for her last 3 days, as we all knew she would want. We released her to go home to her Mommy & Poppy and her 7 brothers and sisters. Her last breath was a priceless closure. We celebrated her life and the end of Alzheimer's, which she called BIG AL, with this toast : 'BIG ALZ gone!' There can never be a harder or more rewarding job than being an Alzheimer caregiver. But, 'YOU CAN DO IT!' Within this book you will hear what worked and what didn't from actual caregivers to guide you along the way.
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