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Let's Read Our Feet!

a guide to foot reading and toe reading

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1. Auflage, 2011

Learn the fascinating secrets that feet reveal about you, your partner, your family, the good looking guy on the next sun lounger, or just anybody who walks past you in bare feet! Your trips to the shoe shop or the swimming pool will never be the same again. Learn whether you are a princess or a carthorse. What do tilted toes say about you? What does it mean if you have six toes? Why would Cinderella's glass slipper never have fitted and what can that tell you about your relationship? Read Let's Read our Feet! To find out the answers... Jane Sheehan is the UK's leading foot reader and she will share with you her method for understanding emotions and personality through the interpretation of the structure and shape of the feet. Praise for the print edition: 'I am a reflexology student and I found this book amazing. It is easy to read and remember. I have tried the information in it and have been right every time. Definitely worth a read and the money.' Torri from Northern Ireland. 'Practical helpful intro to foot reading - bought this as a present but think will keep it for self and buy my friend another one!' Judy 'This is a superb beginners book for looking at feet in a different way and gaining and insight into peoples' personalities. Easy to follow and lots of fun' Lesley Barker of West Sussex, England.
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