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Sing, Your Way Through Life

A Program to Delay or Deal With Dementia


44 million people and rising in the world have dementia, this figure is rising at an alarming rate, many millions more will be diagnosed with dementia over the next 5 years. This book takes a look at some of the suspected culprits as far as causation is concerned, and suggest a number of interventions that we could make that might delay the onset of dementia. Dr Doris Bersing states that regularly playing a musical instrument can delay the onset of dementia by up to 5 years, This book talks about the power of music, how to use music, how what we eat and drink can have an effect on if and when we might be affected by dementia. The Auther Greg Woods has invited Dr Doris Bersing to edit this book, she has, and has written the following review :- 'Sing your way through life' is a groundbreaking book that shows us a compassionate, fun, and powerful method we can use to maximize the quality of life for people with Dementia. The Sing Along Machine and method (SAM) exercises the brain and give a voice to those who sometimes had lost it to Dementia. Sing your way through life and the SAM are user-friendly and provides essential information and guidance for carers, relatives, and professionals in the field' Dr Doris Bersing President and CEO Living Well assisted living at home foundation. Greg also invited respected dementia expert Dr Ethelle Lord to make a contribution in respect to advice for care givers, and the dangers of being a care giver. renowned Australian dementia coach Peter Gooley has also edited this book, and added his own thoughts and observations. so this book is an all around manual for those that fear dementia, people who have dementia, and their families friends and care givers. This book has been written as a guide, but is also a means to raise money for Gregs not for profit community interest company 'Therapeia (Cornwall) cic'