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Curing Arthritis without Drugs

A Natural Way to Manage Joint Pains


It gives me great pleasure to present this treatise to men and women of all ages to acquaint them with basic facts of arthritis which attacks them suddenly without a warning. I believe that whosoever reads this book which is based on sound scientific knowledge and findings of experts shall greatly benefit from it in controlling his suffering. I have presented here various options which are available for the treatment and curing of joint inflammation which causes joint pains. During the last decade great advances have been made in the treatment of these afflictions. We also anticipate further big advances in their treatment particularly after the establishment of conclusive proofs that intakes of drugs whether orally or through injections or by way of surgery cause certain side effects which increase with the intake of more drugs. Here we warn that intake of large quantities of medicines and their interchange produces side effects which manifest in the form of joint pains.