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My Quick Guide Through Breast Cancer

Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo & Radiation


Getting breast cancer marks a huge shift in how you are living. It often comes at the most inconvenient time and can temporarily put fear and disorganization on the forefront of your life, emotions and thinking. The first step is to take a deep breath and ground yourself. This book can help with that. Dr. Sherman, a psychologist and breast cancer survivor wrote this to help you absorb your diagnosis, assess your treatment situation and get through your surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in the best possible way. She gives you tips, warns about possible pitfalls and shares her personal experience, every step of the way. My Quick Guide to Breast Cancer will: •Help you prepare your medications and calendar for treatment •Check your insurance coverage for your hospital and surgery •Make your 'No Can Do Lists' for chemotherapy and radiation •Reach out to relevant cancer organizations. •Figure out your 'Healing Team' and contact numbers. •Make a Mind/Body/Spirit healing plan. •Understand your blood counts, chemotherapy cocktail and doctor notes. •Explore getting a wig, a short haircut, hair loss and henna crowns. •Create a work plan that's manageable during your treatment. •Make a list of chemo buddies. • Find a few good cancer role models and sounding boards. •Explore getting the BRCHA test & the Neulasta shot. •Explore the role of your diet with a cancer diagnosis. And much more!