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Second Chance

Regain your Health with Tissue Salts

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1. Auflage, 2013

THis is Edition II of the popular, 'Second Chance, regain your health with Tissue Salt' by Eva F. Schoenfeld. Second Chance, regain your health with Tissue Salts is designed for a full spectrum of users, from concerned parents to experienced pharmacists and health care workers who would like to better serve their customers. How this book will help you: Why Tissue Salt deficiencies affect your health How to recognise deficiencies in your face - self facial analysis Why our food is depleted of Tissue Salts The difference between Tissue Salts and vitamins and how they work in conjunction with each other How to restore the body to its natural balance for optimum health The effect of mineral deficiencies on psychosomatic conditions How to get relief from allergies and cravings Offers you treatment for cuts, burns, abrasions, scar tissue and many more Understand why natural is better This book tells you what tissue salts are and how they work. To support this; there are case studies, colour photos showing facial symptoms, a psychosomatic profiling for people with Tissue Salt deficiencies and a handy A to Z of complaints with over 700 symptoms and treatments using tissue salts. Driven by her passion to help as many as possible, and inspired by what she herself had learnt of the value of this system of therapeutics, Eva F. Schoenfeld was motivated to write this inspiring treatise on Nature's dynamic healing remedies, the biochemical Tissue Salts, as introduced to the world by the creative genius of Dr W H Schuessler.
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