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Taking the Mystery Out of Cancer

Condensed Version


You are about to discover what causes normal cells to turn cancerous to begin with, and how that process can often be reversed. You will also learn that the traditional cancer protocol (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy), which is 'capable of creating or promoting cancer', is total insanity! It has a poor success rate and creates unnecessary collateral damage to millions of once-healthy cells (and thus organs). Most importantly, you will find that there are many different, perfectly safe, yet surprisingly effective, natural therapies to choose from. All therapies we recommend will also improve your overall health - our primary objective. This eBook is rather unique, actually unlike any book ever written on cancer. I have devoted nearly a half-century of basically researching the research on causes of various diseases, conducted by some of the most brilliant scientists in the entire world. My objective is to make this eBook as user-friendly as possible, so you won't become overwhelmed and miss out on the valuable information that absolutely everyone should become aware of. It's especially important if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Yet, as the rate of cancer continues to escalate, and most doctors are not aware of what causes cancer to develop (and thus how it can be prevented), Taking the Mystery Out of Cancer presents information that benefits absolutely everyone.