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Building a Powerful Heart and Free-Flowing Arteries


There is tremendous potential for optimizing the capacity of your heart, and restoring the health of the miles of arteries and capillaries. Also, that absolutely no drugs (or surgeries) are necessary. Starting with a positive attitude that one's good health is possible, Dr. Tanton, in turn, will provide readers with the necessary information, along with sufficient validation by some of the top scientists, who are not only knowledgeable, but also ethical-an important issue. Dr. Tanton feels that many 'so called scientists' have some financial incentive, and are thus willing to make any claim, if the price is right. A great number of our current healthcare protocols are based on profit potential, rather than results. Heart bypass surgeries, angioplasties, and stents, are a prime example. The truth is, none are necessary, and worst of all, (in spite of the exorbitant cost), they create future complications that are not only unnecessary, but also irreversible. If one lives long enough, an additional surgery is often required. Keep this in mind, as it could be an important part of our incentive to read about Dr. Tanton's remarkable findings and therapies.