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Taking the Mystery Out of Alzheimer's

Condensed User-Friendly Edition

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1. Auflage, 2012

After writing approximately 600 pages on Alzheimer's, which included ample science, and clinical research studies to validate my claims, I decided to extract just the most important information, and make this eBook as user-friendly as possible. My objective is to assure that each of my readers will benefit the most from the condensed information. Several years of extensive research went into its compilation. I doubt that you will find this much valuable information on Alzheimer's, at any price. Few are aware of most of the information you will learn. For instance, not one of the Alzheimer's medications on the market claim to actually stop the progression of the disease, yet I cite three cases of those diagnosed with Alzheimer's for several years, who totally recovered in only a few weeks! Each with a different solution. Not only that but, they are all perfectly safe, and enhance your overall health in the process. All are also inexpensive, and readily available. If that is possible, prevention should obviously be as well. You also won't have to deal with any of the troubling side effects associated with Alzheimer's medications! You will also learn which of the medications, many seniors especially are taking daily, which actually 'contribute to Alzheimer's' and exactly how they do. If your goal is to prevent acquiring dementia or Alzheimer's, this eBook is an absolute 'must read'. The rate of this devastating disease is continuing to escalate, and you will learn exactly why.
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