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We All Die Once

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1. Auflage, 2012

'We All Die Once' is an essential, entertaining, and timely exploration of how to fix American healthcare. Much of it was inspired by my two-decades-plus as an emergency care physician practicing in a range of facilities in the New York area. When a new Congress takes up revision or repeal of Obamacare, 'We All Die Once' should be every legislator's guide. Their constituents should read it too. It's a sensible, refreshing account of all the major healthcare issues, grounded in reality rather than doctrine. Its solutions take full advantage of free market forces for middle and upper income folks, while allowing government its proper role in providing for the truly needy. 'We All Die Once' shines a light on the insanity of our system through vivid stories from medicine's front lines. Here you will see healthcare issues play out on a stage of human crisis. Stories from hospitals, doctors' offices, and inner city streets illuminate a broken system and the suffering it causes. Readers will see how poverty keeps patients away until its far too late. Readers will learn how miraculous advances often fall victim to perverse 'systems' of finance and information. They will recognize the roles of law and advertising in obscuring the real goals of medicine. The solutions are here too. After 'We All Die Once' describes the problems, it proposes ways to fix them, combining these cures into a comprehensive program built on traditional principles. It shows readers how America's medical system can make sense again.
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