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Life-Long Health: Learn How to Control Your Genes to Stay Young With Age


'In the burgeoning field of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Kugler, professor and president of IAAM Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, has been on the cutting edge. Whenever organizations rate their speakers, Dr. Kugler rates above the 7th percentile. I can say with my broad base of experience that Dr. Kugler is one of the leading lights in the field.' Murray Susser, MD, past President, American College of Advancement in Medicine. Every action you take affects your genes, and gene expression. True 'how to' anti-aging from the ground up connects every area of aging research - from telomeres that indicate your remaining life potential, anti-aging weight-loss, detox to remove endocrine-disrupting and age-accelerating toxins, to anti-aging supplements, embryonic cell extracts and NT-ESC stem cells. And all this with one goal in mind: get maximum results with only half the effort. Calculating your gene-expression age - - a 19-point check-list - - shows you how many factors contribute to YOUR aging process. Women's concerns: From a fit, yet feminine, appearance, to body-shaping and hormone replacement, are addressed in this book. Due to Dr. Kugler's experience in women's fitness, he was nominated Award Presenter at the 2003 and 04 Ms. Fitness USA competition. In 2009 Dr. Kugler made medical history with an amazing non-drug heart recovery protocol and discoveries in his stem cell lab, presented at medical conferences all around the world; learn from it to sustain your health and longevity! With this book you also get access to a special web-site, for up-dates and your chance to ask questions. 'Circuit Training - the exercise chapter in this book - is effective beyond wildest expectations in producing changes in aerobic fitness, strength, lean body mass and very positive changes in body composition. A review of his book can be summarized in one sentence: With this science-based approach get twice the results and in only half the time.' Dr. Paul Ward, PED, Olympic Elite Athletes Coordinator. Go for it! God Bless!