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Managing Change in Healthcare

Using Action Research


`Each chapter flows well and holds the reader's interest. The book is suitable for learners and experienced practitioners' Keith Hurst, Leeds UniversityThe management of change in the context of new policy directives and agendas is a critical issue for healthcare practitioners. All professionals - not just managers - need to develop and implement new services designed to bring patients into the centre of healthcare delivery. This book looks at the leadership, management and interpersonal skills needed to manage such change effectively within multiprofessional healthcare settings. The book:- Uniquely uses Action Research as a model for planning and implementing change at the patient-service interface.- Makes use of evidence and case studies to demonstrate the stages of the change process.- Includes advice and useful strategies for achieving change.- Shows dynamic change can be achieved at the individual, team, departmental and organisational level.- Covers a range of topics including organisational culture, leadership, conflict resolution, managerial roles, and organisational analysis.Managing Change in Healthcare will be ideal for all nursing and allied health care trainees taking courses in management and leadership. It will also be invaluable for qualified professionals and managers who need a clear and engaging guide to the key issues and skills underpinning effective healthcare management.