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The underlying dynamics of health care systems in developing countries.

Health policy, planning and the impact of social economic status (SES) on health disparities

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1. Auflage, 2014

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Medicine - Public Health, grade: A, Atlantic International University (Humanities and Social Sciences), course: Policy and Economics, language: English, abstract: The main purpose for this thesis accomplishment is to expose chronologically the key findings and core results that emerged from the research study that aimed at analyzing the significant and cardinal role played by both the policy setting and the planning undertaking in the elevation of the health care systems for the developing countries. The WHO has at so many times defined health care systems as individuals, groups and state entities involved or has an astounding stake in the restoration, upholding and elevating the health prevalence of the community. Under this perspective, paradventually the analysis considered the trend of correlation between these different stakeholders and the extent to which they impact the planning and policy development given the access to effect fundamental changes. However, with further elaborations as key findings from the interviews and rigorous research undertakings the different health disparities as they are distributed along the global demographic grid-lines have been analyzed and comparisons drawn out in order to correlate and relate the impact of the different determinants of health with socio-economic status as a frontier.

Hawards is a Professional Public Health Policy analyst and Health economic consultant with various text books in the health sciences. He is currently a health practitioner and a health education promoter with various honor code certificates from the Harvard Initiative that is under the school of public health of Harvard University.. He has done most of his studies from Uganda and the research on the health systems in the European countries mostly in the OECD States.
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