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Clinical Biochemistry E-Book

Metabolic and Clinical Aspects


Essential reading for candidates for the MRCPath examination and similar postgraduate examinations in clinical biochemistry. The book gives an overview of the acquisition of data, as well as concentrating on clinical aspects of the subject, giving detailed coverage of all conditions where clinical biochemistry is used in diagnosis and management. In common with other diagnostic specialties clinical biochemistry now uses an increasing number of techniques involving the 'new biology': these are covered in this book. It is also increasingly common for medically qualified clinical biochemists to become involved in the clinical management of patients (eg nutritional support) and material on this will be included.
  • From the author of the popular Clinical Chemistry medical student textbook.
  • Although there are many competing texts on clinical chemistry, the vast majority concentrate on the technology; this book concentrates on the clinical.
  • Ideally suited for preparation for the MRCPath and similar examination.
    • Significant changes to content to reflect changes in how clinical chemistry services are organised and to reflect the advent of metabolic medicine as a recognised specialty.
    • Chapter on Clinical biochemistry of nutrition to include new information on regulation of appetite and the clinical management of obesity.
    • New chapter to bring together information on inborn errors of metabolism affecting adults.
    • New chapter on clinical biochemistry of cardiovascular disease.
    • The diabetes chapter has been split into two separate chapters to allow more detailed description of the practical clinical management of the disease.