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Facets of Dyslexia and its Remediation


Developmental Dyslexia has been a subject of interest to practitioners for more than a century. Despite its long research history, however, dyslexia (the terms specific reading disability, reading disability and learning disability are also used interchangeably in this volume) still provides a challenge for contemporary cognitive psychology, education, neurology and physiology. By bringing together contributions from researchers and scholars working in a wide range of fields and perspectives, it is hoped that this publication will offer a means of considering different facets of dyslexia, and enable a greater understanding of reading disorders and their remediation to emerge.

The book is divided into eight major sections, the focus in each section being on a different facet of dyslexia. It is hoped this framework enables the reader to assimilate the wide range of pure and applied research and even give rise to a new perspective for the understanding of dyslexia.