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Urinary Tract Infections, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics,

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1. Auflage, 2014

This issue of Infectious Disease Clinics, edited by Dr. Kalpana Gupta, is devoted to Urinary Tract Infections. Articles in this issue include Epidemiology and Definition of Urinary Tract Infection Syndromes; Approach to a Positive Urine Culture; Diagnosis and Management of UTI in the Emergency Room; Diagnosis and Management of UTI in Older Adults; Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention of Catheter-Associated UTI; Management of Non-Catheter Associated Complicated UTI; Management of UTI due to Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms; Diagnosis and Fungal Management of Fungal UTI; UTI Issues in Special Populations; Prevention of Recurrent UTI; and UTI Pathogenesis.
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