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Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Organ Transplantation


Issues in organ replacement therapy represent a paradigm for ethics and questions of justice in mod-ern medicine. The book - based on the December 2002 Munich International Congress on Ethics of Organ Transplan-tation - delivers an overview of current worldwide achievements, analyses, controversies, and dilem-mas. It deals with the topics Equitable Allocation of Organs, Living Organ Donation around the World, Financial Incentives and Commerce in Organ Transplantation, Embryonic Stem Cell Biology / Cloning of Individuals, Genetic Engineering of Organs / Xenotransplantation, and Regenerative Medicine, which are intensely discussed among medical, ethical, and legal experts, and by the general public.The question is raised: How to define the acceptable? And is there a single universal set of ethical norms the everyone worldwide could and should accept?