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Acute Illness Management

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1. Auflage, 2011

The prospect of caring for acutely ill patients has the potential to overwhelm students and newly qualified health professionals, with many reporting feelings of stress, fear and inexperience. In this context, Acute Illness Management arrives as an important and much needed text covering the fundamental aspects of care in the hospital setting.This book is designed to address the student's needs by equipping them with a practical understanding of the essential skills ranging from resuscitation to early intervention and to trauma care. It explains the rationale behind the key protocols of care highlighting the relationship between theory and practice.Key features include:-Up-to-date legal and ethical content.-Tips for analysing care decisions in a critical and effective manner, and-Reflective activities and self-assessment questions to cement learning.Acute Illness Management is an invaluable resource for students and qualified practitioners in nursing and other health professions.
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