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Tandem Repeat Polymorphisms

Genetic Plasticity, Neural Diversity and Disease


This book addresses the role of tandem repeat polymorphisms (TRPs) in genetic plasticity, evolution, development, biological processes, neural diversity, brain function, dysfunction and disease. There are hundreds of thousands of unique tandem repeats in the human genome and their polymorphic distributions have the potential to greatly influence functional diversity and disease susceptibility. Recent discoveries in this expanding field are critically reviewed and discussed in a range of subsequent chapters, with a focus on the role of TRPs and their various gene products in evolution, development, diverse molecular and cellular processes, brain function and disease.

ANTHO NY J. HANNAN is Head of the Neural Plasticity Laboratory, Florey Neuroscience Institutes and Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia. Following undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Sydney, Anthony received postdoctoral neuroscience training at the University of Oxford, supported by a Nuffield Medical Fellowship. He currently holds an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (FT3) and an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Main research interests include pathogenic mechanisms mediating Huntington's disease and related tandem repeat expansion disorders, as well as other cognitive and psychiatric illnesses. In his laboratory, experimental models of gene-environment interactions are used to explore experience-dependent plasticity in the healthy and diseased brain.