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Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Predictions

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2. Auflage, 2013

Methods of risk analysis and the outcome of particular evaluations and predictions are covered in detail in this proceedings volume, whose contributions are based on invited presentations from Professor Mei-Ling Ting Lee's 2011 symposium on Risk Analysis and the Evaluation of Predictions. This symposium was held at the University of Maryland in October of 2011. Risk analysis is the science of evaluating health, environmental, and engineering risks resulting from past, current, or anticipated, future activities. The use of these evaluations include to provide information for determining regulatory actions to limit risk, present scientific evidence in legal settings, evaluate products and potential liabilities within private organizations, resolve World Trade disputes amongst nations, and educate the public concerning particular risk issues. Risk analysis is an interdisciplinary science that relies on epidemiology and laboratory studies, collection of exposure and other field data, computer modeling, and related social, economic and communication considerations. In addition, social dimensions of risk are addressed by social scientists.

Mei-Ling-Ting Lee, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Department of Statistics University of Maryland College Park, Maryland.
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