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Developmental Aspects of the Lymphatic Vascular System


The book focuses on the lymphatic vascular system from a developmental biologist's point of view. It provides an overview on the many recent advances in understanding the development of lymphatic vessels, using advanced genetic models in conjunction with state of the art imaging. For each chapter a synopsis is provided, highlighting the main points in a concise manner. The book is intended for professors and researchers in vascular biology, angiogenesis research and developmental biology. It furthermore offers an excellent basis for entry level researchers and newcomers to this field, as well as for teachers, graduate students, advanced science and medical students.

Friedemann Kiefer is group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, Germany and Adjunct Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Münster. Stefan Schulte-Merker is group leader and Professor of Molecular Developmental Biology at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands.