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Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress

Signaling, Metabolism, Imaging, and Therapeutic Targets

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1. Auflage, 2013

The collection of chapters in this proceeding volume reflects the latest research presented at the Aegean meeting on Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress held in Crete in Fall of 2012. The book provides critical insight to how the tumor microenvironment affects tumor metabolism, cell stemness, cell viability, genomic instability and more. Additional topics include identifying common pathways that are potential candidates for therapeutic intervention, which will stimulate collaboration between groups that are more focused on elucidation of biochemical aspects of stress biology and groups that study the pathophysiological aspects of stress pathways or engaged in drug discovery.

Constantinos Koumenis, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor, Vice Chair and Research Division Director and Co-Leader, Radiation Biology & Imaging Program at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine. Amato Giacca,Ph.D., is a Professor and Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Leader of Radation Biology and Molecular Therapeutics Program at the Stanford Cancer Center. Ester Hammond Ph.D., is a Junior Group Leader at Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology at Oxford University.
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