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Animal cruelty, criminology and prosecution. An assessment on animal abuse and animal law in Nepal

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1. Auflage, 2014

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Veterinary medicine, grade: -, , course: B.V.Sc & A.H, language: English, abstract: A study was carried out to assess the current status of animal cruelty, criminology and prosecution in Nepal. A questionnaire survey was carried out among the veterinarians of Nepal. Collection of reported data and observation of cruelty cases was done in various sites of Nepal and a search of international data about animal cruelty, criminology and prosecution was also carried out. Multiple cases of animal cruelty/abuse were found. The present study showed that human violence against animal was found in increasing trend. Most cases of animal cruelty included beating (8.46%), run over with vehicle (10.65%), emaciated (8.46%) and malnourished (9.41%) animals, kicking (7.52%), poisoning (7.52%) while fewer cases were of animal sexual abuse (0.62%), hanging the animals (2.51%), dragging (3.13%) and shooting (3.13%). Other types of cruelty included pouring of boiling water in the body of animals, religious sacrifices, brutal slaughtering of animals, leaving animals in the streets etc. Hunting of wild animals, animal trafficking and living condition of farm animals were other sort of cruelty issues highly prevalent in our society. In this study, male represented the higher number of animal abuser than female and the respondents designated as a government officer represented the higher number of abuser. Numbers of animal welfarists are high in comparison to animal rightists. Reported cases of animal cruelty and prosecution are few. Appropriate recommendations were made targeting the remodeling of animal protection law, public education and awareness to all concerned step holders.
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