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Xenobiotics and Inflammation

Roles of Cytokines and Growth Factors


The affect of xenobiotics on host resistance in general and specific immune functions has become the focus of much current research. This book synthesises current information on how chemicals (xenobiotics) can affect the immune system to cuse dysfunction, focusing on the process of inflammation. It provides a much needed, single-source reference for researchers investigation the mechanisms responsible for altered host resistance following exposture to xenobiotics. Emphasis is placed on the roles of cytokines and growth factors in the inflammatory process and how such processes are altered and modulated by xenobiotics. This volume contains information pertinent to those exploring cell growth, angiogenesis, hematopoetic differentiation, and recruitment to and proliferation of cells in various tissue sites. This volume brings together experts in inflammation, cytokines, cell growth, immunology and toxicology to provide a highly yseful volume modulated by chemicals. Divided into three sections, the book offers an organ system approach to understanding inflammation and xenobiotics.