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Aotus: The Owl Monkey

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1. Auflage, 1994

This book is the first comprehensive treatment of Aotus, the nocturnal New World owl monkeys often used in behavioral and biomedical studies. Found in tropical forests from Nicaragua to Argentina, owl monkeys have been used in laboratories as model organisms for studies of diseases like malaria, and various forms of cancer, as well as studies of reproductive physiology and neuroanatomical structure and function. These and other recent studies of this fascinating primate are included in this new volume. As the only book devoted exclusively to owl monkeys, this volume is an invaluable addition to the library of anyone interested in primate biology, evolution, ecology, and behavior.
Key Features
* Only book devoted entirely to owl monkeys
* Surveys issues that pertain to wild and captive populations
* Represents the breadth of studies that model organisms can engender
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