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Hormonally Induced Changes to the Mind and Brain


Describing the latest findings in both clinical and laboratory research, this volume investigates the behavioral and neural affects of endocrine activity in animals and humans. Each chapter discusses the relationship between normal endocrine control of behavior and the pathological consequences that result from endocrine abnormalities. The relevance to mental health, and basic regulatory homeostatic events are balanced with a basic understanding of how hormones affect behavior and the brain. The book is written to appeal to a wide audience of readers, from the educated lay person to the seasoned M.D. and research scientist.
Chapter topics include the effects of endocrine activity on homeostasis, sexual behavior, aggression, circadian rhythms, and affective disorders, in addition to discussing steroid abuse, adrenal steroid effects on the brain, and a detailed investigation on the effects of cholecystokinin and oxytocin.