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Visual Perception

The Neurophysiological Foundations


This book presents an interdisciplinary overview of the main facts and theories that guide contemporary research on visual perception. While the chapters cover virtually all areas of visual science, from philosophical foundations to computational algorithms, and from photoreceptor processes to neuronal networks, no attempt has been made to provide an exhaustive treatment of these topics. Rather, researchers from such diverse disciplines as psychology, neurophysiology, anatomy, and clinical vision sciences have worked together to review some of the most important correlations between perceptual phenomena and the underlying neurophysiological processes and mechanisms. The book is thus intended to serve as an advanced text for graduate students and as a guide for all vision researchers to understanding current progress outside their specialized fields of interest.
ï Examines parallel processing of visual information
ï Discusses links between physiologically-measured receptive fields and psychophysically-measured perceptive fields
ï Presents a spatial sampling by the retina and cortical modules
ï Covers signal transduction and the sites of adaptation
ï Describes a single-cell analysis of attention
ï Discusses computational models of vision