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Neuro-ophthalmology: E-Book

Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Volume 102 (Series editors: Abeloff, Boller, Swaab)

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1. Auflage, 2011

This volume provides a comprehensive look into the innovative methods used to explore the visual system. From the way the brain processes vision, an imperative part of the human experience, to the role eye movement plays in a range of questions concerning visual perception, memory, attention, free will, and even topological diagnoses, this in-depth handbook gives neurologists, ophthalmologists, and neuro-ophthalmologists an invaluable tool to help them better understand the visual system.

Disorders of the retinal and cerebral cortex, and those that affect control of eye and lid movements are thoroughly discussed, along with groundbreaking visual rehabilitative methods, and chapters on individual parts of the visual system. Practitioners will find a useful resource that lays out fundamental concepts, while seamlessly summarizing clinical and laboratory methods for neuro-ophthalmological evaluation.

The material is perfect for early-stage physicians or long practicing specialists who wish to learn the latest developments in the field.

* A comprehensive resource that explores the innovative methods used to understand the visual system
* An in-depth study of how the brain processes vision, and the role certain functions such as eye movement play in visual diagnosis and memory
* Clinical and laboratory methods of evaluation that are perfect for physicians and specialists in any stage of practice
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