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Natural Stain as a Substitute of Synthetic Stain

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1. Auflage, 2013

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2012 in the subject Medicine - Dentistry, grade: 3, University of Mosul, language: English, abstract: Background and Objectives: Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is currently the material of choice for denture base fabrication, that it has the advantages of good pigment wettability, high gloss and so on. Uses of natural stains (amaranth and vanilla) cheap and available in our country instead of the synthetic stains with heat cure acrylic resin denture base material for matching with natural human gingiva. Materials and Methods: Ninety samples were prepared of pink heat cure acrylic resin VertexTM material, fifteen samples with natural additives and seventy five samples with synthetic Vertex acrylic stainTM. The color of samples and gingival color of 24 healthy young participate were measured by Vita Easyshade device then compared between them. Statistical analysis was done by special designed program prepared for this study in Mat lab program 2010 that calculate the color difference between all the measurements that appeared only the (?E) that ? 6.8. Results: Results showed that (?E) ? 6.8 between some of natural and synthetic stains matched in relation to color of patients' gingiva, and some natural stains matched the color of the patients' gingiva. Conclusions: The results approved can be using the natural stains vanilla and amaranth instead of the synthetic Vertex acrylic stains that is clinically acceptable compared in relation to patients. Key Words: Natural stains, Vanilla, Amaranth, PMMA.

Name: AMER A. TAQA Email: amertaqa@hotmail.com DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL BASIC SCIENCE COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY/MOSUL UNIVERSITY/IRAQ EDUCATION PhD in Inorganic Chemistry awarded in 2001. Dissertation Title " Preparation and study some of complexes that can be used as dental restorative. Advisor: Tahanee Al-Sandook and I.M.Ahmed. M.Sc in inorganic Chemistry awarded in 1991. Dissertation Title" Preparation and study some of uranium complexes with nitrones" Advisor: Wiseman Aziz. B.Sc in Chemistry awarded in 1985. EXPERIENCE Professor teaching in Dental Basic Science Mosul University 1993-to present. Head of Dept. of Dental Basic Sciences - 2003 to 2005 Registrar of Dept. of Dental Basic Sciences -1995 to 2003 Professor 2009 Assistant Professor - 1999 Lecturer 1995 Assistant lecturer 1993 Postgraduate MSc Supervision Student in an inorganic Chemistry in Science College. Seven students in Prosthetic in Dentistry College. One student in orthodontic in Dental College. Three students in Operative in Dental College.
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