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Foundations of Professional Writing in Public Health

Concepts in Professional Writing


Scientific Essay from the year 2013 in the subject Medicine - Public Health, grade: A, Atlantic International University (Social Studies and Humanities), course: Foundations of Writing in Public Health, language: English, abstract: Communication is a process of interacting involving the sharing and transfer of information amongst individuals that could be in proximity or at distant locations. The fact acknowledging the interactive nature of human beings also further affirms that the aspect of communication is inbuilt and not an acquired one at any time in life. However, being inborn does not mean that it remains fixed at a certain point but rather due to various dynamics in life communication undergoes development from one stage and it is this loyal concept that has allowed communication to modify into the sophisticated models observed in today's civilization. History has it that the ancient medieval world though currently considered to be old fashioned and somewhat primitive lifestyle yet evidence from fossils, astrology, has provided millions of ancient origin manuscripts containing written records in form of symbols, insignias, signs, and drawn compositions relating to communication amongst different parties. In this consideration the modern person of today's world of civilization will boastfully disregard the ancient work and their contribution towards our current literature only if he fails to realize that writing has only developed into the current standards but was initially started by the human predecessors of the ancient generations. To eliminate this form of useless anonymity from our beliefs we should consider for instance the ancient civilization of Egypt where currently the astrologic discoveries have consequently discovered the writings on the walls and the Chinese calligraphy where both of these are core cornerstones in the development of art and active communication through written form and material. (American Medical Association Manual of Style, 1998) Writing is basically a skill involving the scribing marks, symbols, drawings and diagrams on any material where it can be realized, interpreted and used for some future reference by different parties. Writing can be used for various purposes of expression, interaction, and communication while using the suitable parameters (symbols, marks, signs, diagrams, drawings) that hold basic meaning of that very time and can be used to transfer knowledge and information to the next generation.

Hawards is a Professional Public Health Policy analyst and Health economic consultant with various text books in the health sciences. He is currently a health practitioner and a health education promoter with various honor code certificates from the Harvard Initiative that is under the school of public health of Harvard University.. He has done most of his studies from Uganda and the research on the health systems in the European countries mostly in the OECD States.