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Enviromental Impact Assessment: An Approach to Public Health Management


Scientific Essay from the year 2013 in the subject Health Science, grade: 3, Atlantic International University, course: Environmental Health, language: English, abstract: Our environment is a key defining factor that can be used to establish and to predict the health status, economic progress and downfall, social and economic development, human interactions and quality of regulation and policies operating in the given community or at the national level. Though environments may vary from one to another in terms of health status, bio-diversity, pollution, and extent of exploitation by human activities, economic value but yet in even when these factors are present all environments share a fundamental feature which is their ability to support life and hence they provide reliance for man's natural existence. Though science and technological advancements are changing the trends in environmental support and reliance to man's existence, yet all these inventions are always aimed at devising means of increasing and boosting the support of the environment towards man and for his well being. Any threats and endangering of the human environment both to the biotic and a biotic components does not actually exert its effect on the environment itself but rather onto those that are supported by it. The concept or idea is that the environment only exists for our good and t no time or extent has the environment turned negatively impacting to man unless destabilized by man himself. This idea therefore, is elaborate of the implications of man to the environment and not that of the environment because it is man who is supported first or in other words human existence emerges from the environment. Science has it well explained through the topic of ecology that for an efficient and reliable Eco-system to exist, both man and the environment must exert a positive impact to each other to a particular extent. This is because the Eco-system is made up of biotic interrelations namely; food webs, food chains, and energy flow cycles. This study is a scope therefore, into these environmental dynamics and its relevance to health is vital not in mere theoretical approaches but more so in the general practice for every person but we are all stake holders when it comes to environmental; protection, dependency and reliance. Achieving a positive human environment that is supportive in all spheres of man's involvement and enjoyment there is need to analyze the state or status of the environmental exploitation and degradation and responsible use of it at an international scale. This study presents research outcomes and revised approaches that can be applied in as

Hawards is a Professional Public Health Policy analyst and Health economic consultant with various text books in the health sciences. He is currently a health practitioner and a health education promoter with various honor code certificates from the Harvard Initiative that is under the school of public health of Harvard University.. He has done most of his studies from Uganda and the research on the health systems in the European countries mostly in the OECD States.