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Addiction Medicine

A Case and Evidence-Based Guide

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This book provides an accessible, up-to-date understanding of how to treat patients with substance and non-substance-related addiction. It covers all the typical substance and non-substance use disorders and presents evidence in a case-based format.
Concise and comprehensive, opening chapters relay a preliminary assessment of addiction disorders and their neurobiology. Subsequent chapters then offer specific treatment options, challenges, and cases relating to the abuse of distinct substances. The substances mentioned earlier include alcohol, opioids, stimulants, hallucinogens, and sedatives. Additionally, one chapter covers the unique issues associated with treating behavioral addictions, such as sex and gambling. Each chapter will outline cases in a fashion that will optimize the reader's experience. In closing, the book examines co-occurring substance use disorders and mental illness.
An invaluable addition to the Psychiatry Update Series, Addiction Medicine is an essential reference for mental health clinicians, as well as primary care and family medicine clinicians.

Covers all the typical substance use disorders and non-substance related addictions

Is accessible to clinicians who do not have specialized knowledge of the field

Discusses various available psychosocial and pharmacological treatments, as well as community treatment resources
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