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Atlas of Cavityless Cholesteatoma Surgery, Vol 1

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Anatomically, the temporal bone is the most intricate part of the human body. Every good otologist needs to have a high degree of efficiency in managing the diseases located in this region. Cholesteatoma is the most common pathology that affects the temporal bone, primarily in the middle ear and mastoid. This Atlas of Cavityless Cholesteatoma Surgery explains cholesteatoma disease and its management in detail through the path-breaking concept of "cavityless mastoidectomy surgery."

Beautifully illustrated and explained in great detail, with hundreds of high-definition operative photographs in each chapter, the book takes the reader through the journey of managing the earliest invasion of cholesteatoma in the form of retraction pocket to its most extensive form extending up to the petrous apex. It also describes in great detail the management of complications associated with cholesteatoma and cholesteatoma surgery as well as many unusual conditions. Full-color illustrations have been added, wherever necessary, to further simplify the understanding of surgical steps.

Following are some of the remarkable features of this two-volume atlas:

More than 2,000 high-quality pictures and full-color illustrations that will help surgeons navigate through every possible condition of cholesteatoma disease and its management.
Volume I comprises all surgical procedures explained in a systematic manner, starting from the management of the earliest stage of the disease to the most extensive spread of cholesteatoma.
Volume II deals with the management of complications of cholesteatoma disease and the iatrogenic complications in great detail.
All common conditions have been explained by at least two to three cases.

The present form of the atlas is attributed to decades of experience of operating upon thousands of cases of primary cholesteatoma and revision cholesteatoma. Both new and experienced ENT surgeons will benefit from this comprehensive surgical approach, which covers all possible conditions of cholesteatoma.


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