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Case Studies in Emergency Medicine

LEARNing Rounds: Learn, Evaluate, Adopt, Right Now

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This book contains a variety of medical case studies from actual patients presenting to the emergency department. It includes not only typical cases that present to the ED but also less common, yet very important cases that one can't afford to miss.

Each chapter begins with a case – or set of cases with typical and atypical aspects – of the disease in question. This is followed by high-value learning points on the condition with introductory/background points, physiology and pathophysiology of the disease, how to make the diagnosis, and finally how to initiate treatment. The cases provide expert discussion with tips and tricks, personal experience with management of each of the cases, and a follow-up description of the outcome of the cases to provide the reader with closure. To supplement each case study, all 67 chapters include a pattern recognition component that identifies the key diagnostic features of the disease discussed. The chapters conclude with a summary of the diagnostic and treatment details of each condition.

Using a concise, easy-to-read, bulleted format, the book helps readers to learn, evaluate, adopt new practices, right now (LEARN). Emergency Medicine Case Studies - LEARNing Rounds: Learn, Evaluate, Adopt, Right Now is an essential resource for a variety of emergency medicine clinicians including experienced physicians, residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical students rotating in the emergency department. Finally, this book can be used as a basis for small group discussions, especially in emergency medicine training programs.

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