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Emergency Surgery in Obese Patients

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This comprehensive, multi-authored book covers all aspects of surgery on obese patients in emergency conditions.

Obesity is a metabolic disease affecting a high percentage of world population.. It involves marked anthropometric changes, affecting surgical practice and altering patients’ ability to react to surgical stress. The prevalent comorbidities also affect the rate of complications and mortality after surgery. The obesity paradox, the ability of obese patients to survive emergency operations in spite of an increased risk of complications, is an effect of the widespread development of “Obesity Science”. This volume discusses this science, examining the frailty of the obese patients and the main comorbidities that affect clinical practice, as well as the most frequent emergency situations after trauma, inflammatory diseases and the complications of bariatric surgery.

With contributions from leading experts, it provides clinicians with detailed and updated information for better practice in this emerging field of surgery.

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