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Text and Atlas of Wound Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition

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2/E 2019

The acclaimed on-the-go wound care guide for the physical therapist --- offering the benefits of both a foundational textbook and a full-color atlas
Text and Atlas of Wound Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition delivers outstanding visual guidance and clear, step-by-step instruction on caring for patients with wounds. Utilizing more than 700 full-color illustrations and clear, concise text, this unique learning tool provides thorough easy-to-understand coverage of evidence-based concepts of would treatment.
Each chapter follows a similar design, with consistent headings, brief bulleted text, and numerous high-quality illustrations. Learning aids include case studies, chapter objectives, assessment guidelines, chapter references, chapter summaries, and new NPTE-style review questions at the end of each chapter. This innovative format allows you to see actual examples via high-quality color photographs and learn foundational concepts through text. The case studies also give real-world relevance to the principles discussed.
The book's 20 chapters are logically divided into four sections:
-Integumentary Basics which covers fundamental topics such as anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system and acute and chronic wound healing-Wound Diagnosis which discusses specific disorders such as vascular wounds, lymphedema, pressure ulcers, diabetes, burns, and more-Wound Bed Preparation which details debridement and dressings-Biophysical Technologies which includes electrical stimulation, negative pressure, pulsed lavage with suction, hyperbaric oxygen, ultraviolet, and low level laser therapy

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