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Atlas of Pediatric Cataract

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This book includes various pediatric cataracts and their clinical presentations along with high quality pictures collected over two decades. It is a precise book of illustrative interventions and contains images collected pre-operatively, intra-operatively and post-operatively using slit lamp or microscope integrated camera. The book covers congenital, developmental and traumatic cataract along with other rare morphologies. It presents selected challenging clinical situations along-with surgical management steps with the help of high quality images.

Separate chapters include newer techniques in the field of pediatric cataract like ultrasound biomicroscopy: in pediatric lenticular abnormalities, intraoperative rhexis assistant, plasma blade/ diathermy: vascular cautery in cases of persistent fetal vasculature, operative room aberrometry and optiwave refractive analysis. This book serves as a valuable resource for practicing general and pediatric ophthalmologists, researchers and students alike.

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