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Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease

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8/E 2019

A realistic look at treating respiratory diseases! Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease, 8th Edition gives you a fundamental knowledge and understanding that is required to successfully assess and treat patients with respiratory diseases. Using a unique organization of material, this full-color text is divided into three distinct areas which show you how to first gather clinical data, then formulate assessments, make objective evaluations, identify desired outcomes, design a safe and effective treatment plan, and finally document all steps. With easy-to-follow language and relevant clinical scenarios, you will gain a firm understanding of why certain treatment modalities are applied. New to this edition is a chapter detailing Respiratory Insufficiency in the Patient with Neuro-Respiratory Disease, along with revised content which takes a deeper dive into latest developments, research, and practices and protocols in the treatment of respiratory disease.

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