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Manual Trigger Point Therapy

Recognizing, Understanding and Treating Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction

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Treating pain where it originates!

Manual trigger point therapy combines mechanical, reflex, biochemical, energetic, functional, cognitive-emotional, and behaviorally effective phenomena. As such, it influences not only peripheral nociceptive pain, but also intervenes in the body’s pain-processing and transmission mechanisms.

Here you will learn: a systematic, manual-therapeutic approach to recognize and deactivate the potential of trigger points to cause pain and dysfunction; how to treat the accompanying fascial disorders; and how to prevent recurrences.

Key Features:

-Clinical background of myofascial pain and dysfunction
-Muscles, trigger points, and pain patterns at a glance
-Neuromuscular entrapments shown in detail
-Screening tests und pain guides for all common clinical patterns
-Manual treatment of trigger points and fasciae
Manual Trigger Point Therapy is your one-stop, comprehensive introduction to this fascinating, proven technique.

Roland Gautschi is Senior Instructor at the Institute for Myofascial Trigger-Point Therapy (IMIT), Baden, Switzerland.

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