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Autonomic Testing

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Disorders associated with dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system are quite common yet frequently unrecognized. The quantitative autonomic testing presented here can be invaluable tool for evaluation of these disorders. This manual fills a gap in the literature and deals mainly with practical aspects of autonomic testing. In accord with the
Autonomic Testing is the optimal guide for autonomic fellows, residents in neurology, general medicine and other specialties or for everybody that is interested in performing and interpreting autonomic tests. The unique aspect of this book is the use of the skin biopsies for assessment of small autonomic and sensory fibers as a routine part of autonomic testing. Another important feature of this book is the use of continuous cerebral blood flow velocity and end tidal CO2 monitoring in addition to standard heart rate and blood pressure recordings during the testing.

Comprised of 100 unique case studies, each case solves a particular clinical question. The presented cases include neurally mediated syncope, psychogenic pseudosyncope, orthostatic intolerance syndromes, autonomic failure, variety of small fiber neuropathies (with and without autoimmunity), autonomic dysfunction in neurodegenerative and hypermobile disorders.

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