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Emergency Surgical Management of Colorectal Cancer

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This volume provides an overview of the current evidence-based medical and surgical practice in emergency conditions in colorectal cancer patients. It offers a multidisciplinary perspective, taking into account the specific characteristics of colorectal cancer patients, the necessary pre-operative assessment, the endoscopic and radiological management, and the surgical treatments. Each chapter is supplemented with tables, figures, key-point boxes, schematic representations, and decision-making trees that serve as easy-to-use tools to apply in the different scenarios requiring acute care. Recommendations for best practice and the main reference articles are included for each topic, as well as numerous illustrated clinical cases with cilnical and empirical evidence regarding the surgical management of colorectal cancer. Specific technical aspects of the different surgical interventions and approaches (e.g., open surgery, laparoscopy, and robotics) are also detailed.
This book is intended for residents and emergency surgeons, as well as all practictioners who treat colorectal cancer patients, such as gastroenterologists, oncologists, and radiologists.

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