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Bostwicks Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery

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4/E 2020

Few surgical texts are able to provide readers with a level of descriptive and visual detail sufficient to be considered a primary manual for surgical procedures. Surgeons typically face the daunting task of extensive research through various texts to piece together a picture comprehensive enough to guide them through a new procedure. This prospect is especially formidable in the field of plastic and reconstructive breast surgery, in which techniques are constantly evolving and older texts describe procedures that have long since been supplanted by superior methods and innovative approaches.

This fourth edition of Bostwick's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, edited by premier breast surgeon Glyn E. Jones, provides just that manual for breast and plastic surgeons. This comprehensive text encompasses every key ingredient for a step-by-step surgical guide to breast surgery:

An expanded microsurgical section incorporating the most widely used flaps and recent advances
Extensive coverage of revolutionary prepectoral breast reconstruction, both single stage direct-to-implant approaches and 2-stage expander-implant pre-pectoral reconstruction
A comprehensive approach to lymphedema surgery
Exposure to state-of-the-art implant technology
Contributing authors from around the globe who are heralded as the best in their field at technique and innovation
Detailed coverage of relevant and groundbreaking new technologies that are redefining plastic surgery of the breast
Step-by-step detailed technical operative details including technical nuances rarely outlined in surgical texts
High-quality, updated surgical images and intricate surgical illustrations as well as pertinent radiographic examples
An extensive collection of pertinent surgical videos, which stream directly from the publisher's website
Technical caveats to ensure success of the surgical techniques described
Concise but thorough chapters presented in both print and electronic formats for easy access by busy surgeons

Surgeons must be highly skilled in cosmetic breast surgery as well as in prepectoral approaches, single-stage direct-to-implant reconstruction, and microsurgery to remain competitive in the plastic and reconstructive breast surgery field. Every dedicated breast surgeon will want this essential text at their fingertips!

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.


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