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Operative Plastic Surgery

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2/E 2019

The second edition of Operative Plastic Surgery is a fully-updated, comprehensive text that discusses the most common plastic surgery procedures in great detail. It covers the classic techniques in plastic surgery, as well as the most recent technical advances, while maintaining a systematic approach to patient care within each chapter. Traversing the entirety of the human body, each chapter addresses assessment of defects, preoperative factors, pathology, trauma, operative indications and procedure, and more. Also covered is the operative room setup, with special consideration given to the operative plan, patient positioning and markings, and technique for each type of surgery.

Detailing over 90 specific surgical techniques, this book covers both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. A new section addresses non-invasive techniques such as Botox, injectables, lasers, and skincare. New chapters throughout the book also include ALT flaps, nasal cleft deformities, ZMC fractures, augmentation mastoplexy, body contouring for the massive weight loss patient, and endoscopic carpal tunnel repair. Led by Gregory R.D. Evans, this volume assembles thought leaders in plastic surgery to present operative surgery in a clear, didactic, and comprehensive manner, and lays the groundwork for ideas that we have just scratched the surface of, such as translational research, fat grafting, stem cells, and tissue engineering.

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