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Psychiatry and Neuroscience Update

From Translational Research to a Humanistic Approach - Volume III

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3rd ed. 2019

This broad and thought-provoking volume provides an overview of recent intellectual and scientific advances that bridge the gap between psychiatry and neuroscience, offering a wide range of penetrating insights in both disciplines. The third volume on the topic in the last several years from a varying panel of international experts, this title identifies the borders, trends and implications in both fields today and goes beyond that into related disciplines to seek out connections and influences. Similar to its two Update book predecessors, Psychiatry and Neuroscience – Volume III presents the current state-of-the-art in the main disciplines – psychiatry and neuroscience – and attempts to provide deeper comprehension or explication of the normal and diseased human mind, its biological correlates and its biographical and existential implications. This engaging volume continues the previous style of exploring different disciplines and trying to integrate disciplinary evidence from varying points of view in an organic manner. Developed for clinicians and researchers in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychology and biology, this third volume also will be of great interest to students and university professors of diverse disciplines.

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