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Psychosocial Care of End-Organ Disease and Transplant Patients

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1st ed. 2019

This book takes an integrated, evidence-based approach teaching students and updating practicing physicians about the psychosocial care of transplant patients. Unlike any other text currently on the market, this title presents the core principles of transplant psychiatry through an organ-based structure that includes the heart, lungs, liver, GI organs, kidney, composite tissue, and other key areas of transplantation. Each section is divided into chapters discussing topics relevant for the psychosocial and surgical caregivers considerations prior to and post-transplant, such as the history of care and the psychosocial aspects prior, during and after transplant. The text ends with special topics in care, including psychopharmacology, substance abuse, psychosocial evaluation of recipients and donors, ethical considerations, cross-cultural aspects, and building the transplant psychiatry practice. It includes excellent learning tools, such as key points, summary sections, and review questions.
Written by interdisciplinary experts, Psychosocial Care of End-Organ Disease and Transplant Patients is a valuable resource for students and medical professionals interested in psychiatry, psychology, psychosomatic medicine, transplant surgery, internists, hospital administrators, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers.


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