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Management and Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

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1st ed. 2019

This book reviews the latest advances in treating ulcerative colitis. Its structure is designed to reflect the natural presentation of the disease; accordingly, it starts with the symptoms and the clinical picture, before addressing the use of radiological and endoscopic studies that are performed to make a diagnosis, and the role of the pathological examination. The book also includes detailed information on the medical treatment of the disease, written by some of the most expert gastroenterologists in the field, while also paying considerable attention to the latest medical treatments and to expected future developments.
The book describes various surgical techniques for ulcerative colitis in detail, providing readers with concrete guidelines on which is the most appropriate operation to perform in any given case. It also presents extensive information on the most important operation, the formation of the IPAA (ileal pouch-anal anastomosis), together with helpful tips and tricks. A closing chapter addresses the long-term complications that can occur after a pouch formation, and what to do for each case. As such, the book offers a unique and comprehensive guide for surgeons, gastroenterologists, researchers and students alike.

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