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Treatment of Skin Diseases

A Practical Guide


This book summarises the treatment of a range of skin diseases, including when it best to refer patients to specialists. The treatment of the skin is often very different to other specialities, as both topical and systemic medications are used. The book gives a brief description of the clinical signs, investigation and diagnostic approaches to skin diseases, as an accurate diagnosis is key to successful treatment. To assist readers, a concise atlas of diagnostic photographs has been included and incorporated with a simple set of common differentials to provide a useful reference for primary care readers and those training in dermatology.

Treatment of Skin Diseases: A Practical Guide principally aids primary care physicians, trainee dermatologists and dermatology nurse practitioners, but it can also be a convenient management guide for allied health professionals, students, and hospital-based physicians. The book contains an appendix on the management of common skin problems, together providing a comprehensive review on the treatment of skin diseases at the introductory level. The treatment options for secondary and tertiary care are also included to provide a thorough picture of the spectrum of dermatologic therapeutics.



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