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Landmark Papers in Otolaryngology

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Otolaryngological problems affect people of all ages from newborns to elderly people, and have serious consequences for daily functions such as breathing, taste, and communication. There is a constant desire to understand the best evidence for current practice in a constantly evolving field such as medicine, and key publications underpin this contemporary knowledge.

Landmark Papers in Otolaryngology presents a distilled summary of ninety-nine of the classic, ground-breaking, and significant publications in the field of otolaryngology that are of essential relevance to the speciality today. Each paper is described, critiqued, and brought into the context of modern day practice by a carefully selected team of international authorities from each subspecialist area to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the key publications in otolaryngology. Divided into eight clear sections to aid quick reference, and covering all major aspects of ENT practice, this title is an excellent all-round primer for the reader.

Whether your aim is to understand the origins of how otolaryngology, to review advances in key areas, or to gain insight from experts, this book offers a wealth of knowledge for everyone in the field, from the new trainee to the senior clinician. Landmark Papers in Otolaryngology is an invaluable and easily accessible reference text for all practitioners in the field, as well as those in overlapping specialities such as Maxillofacial Surgery, Neurology, and Plastic Surgery.


LRO Laryngo - Rhino - Otologie

Facharztwissen HNO

Laryngo-Rhino-Otologie bringt die Themen, die Sie wirklich brauchen und die Sie in der täglichen Arbeit unterstützen.

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