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Craniofacial Trauma

Diagnosis and Management

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2/E 2018

This book, now in a revised and updated second edition, offers detailed guidance on the diagnosis, surgical planning, and interdisciplinary treatment of craniofacial trauma. The first part of the book addresses epidemiology, anatomy, radiological diagnosis and innovations, fracture classification, fracture mechanisms, and symptoms. The second part then focuses on treatment, explaining operative principles and providing step-by-step descriptions of a variety of hard and soft tissue reconstructive procedures. Here, individual chapters are devoted to neurosurgical management, surgical repair of fractures, methods of dural and skull base treatment, osteosynthesis, intraoperative navigation techniques and systems, reconstruction with bone grafts and alloplastic materials, and complications and late sequelae. The book concludes by discussing surgical strategy in complex craniofacial trauma care and presenting a treatment algorithm that takes into account new developments. Craniofacial Trauma will be an indispensable reference for residents in maxillofacial training and for maxillofacial/neurosurgeons in the specialized field of craniofacial traumatology.

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