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Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy: Quick Guide

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3/E 2018

The medical management of infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy can be a daunting task for health care professionals. Infectious diseases experts at Mayo Clinic provide a coordinated, unified approach to infectious disease treatment for the general patient population as well as the complex patients seen at this internationally renowned destination medical center. Over twenty contributors represent the spectrum of infectious disease experience within the Mayo Clinic framework of patient-centered care. Highlights of Mayo Clinic Antimicrobial Therapy: Quick Guide, Third Edition include simplified and thorough drug dosing recommendations for renal function and renal replacement therapies, drugs of choice for specific organisms (including bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and updated and simplified antimicrobial and management recommendations for specific infectious syndromes. New features of the third edition include dosing recommendations for extended infusions and obese and neonatal patient populations and treatment options targeted for hepatitis B and C infections, prosthetic joint infections, post-transplant infections, and infections resulting from bioterrorism. This compact, user-friendly resource brings the specialized knowledge of Mayo Clinic to your fingertips.

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